Guild Salons

monceauThe Guild Salons are quarterly offerings that feature topical presentations and informal discussions, or social activities that have enhanced our experience over the years.

Among the salons previously offered by the Guild:

Painless Practice Marketing
"Oh Sister Where Art Thou" ... A Jungian perspective on women
Alternative Families
Use of Sandtray With Adults
What's the Matter with the Princess? Borderline Personality Disorder and "Lady Di"
Is Isolation a Shadow of Private Practice?
How Debt Drives People's Lives
Practice Pearls
More Pearls From Our Practices
Networking to Build Clientele
"I Know I am Special"  Exploring Narcissism
Holistic and Herbal Alternatives to Psychotropic Meds for Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia
Working in Times of Personal Distress: the Challenge and the Gift
PTSD: Helping Returning Veterans and Their Families
"I've Been Fired!" 

Guild Swing Dance
Guild Salsa Dance
Guild Movie Night: "A River Runs Through It"
Guild Movie Night "Judging Oscar"

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